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A simple love spells with carnations. This ritual must be chanted when the relationship has just ended. If it’s been over a year or more, since you two broke up, the benefits will be less powerful. It’s easy to cast spell because of the power of carnation and its properties love energy will arise and will be the one feelings who will help you reconnect with your ex.

You need the following ingredients:
A glass vessel/pot
9 white carnations
Filtered water

How to do A simple spell with carnations.

Fill a vessel with water up to three quarters. While you’re arranging carnations repeat loudly:

“Forget the problems we had, you must come back to me. I have been looking for you, and now you no longer have to go away from me, because you still love me as I love you”.

I suggest that you chant this lost love spell three times per day for nine days. If you cannot perform it constantly just choose another spell and save this when you have the chance to repeat this chant over and over again for 9 days.

Once you’re done throw everything away or in your garden.

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